Embrace the future of digital defense and exploration as we invite you to explore Cyber Security Symposiums. This dynamic platform brings together industry visionaries, thought leaders, and experts to unravel the intricate tapestry of cyber security. Explore cutting-edge insights, innovative solutions, and collaborative networks that are shaping the digital landscape. Join us in this digital space as we equip you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the evolving cyber security frontier.


Our vision is to create a global platform where cyber security excellence converges. We envision a space where diverse minds come together to explore, innovate, and collectively enhance the protection of digital landscapes. Through dynamic discussions, visionary insights, and technological showcases, we aspire to inspire a safer digital world that thrives on knowledge, collaboration, and unwavering security.


Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge, strategies, and connections needed to safeguard the digital realm. Through engaging discussions, expert insights, and interactive experiences, we aim to foster a community that advances cyber security awareness, innovation, and collaboration. Join us on this journey to shape a secure and resilient digital future for all.

Our Board Members

Khairul Azam Ahmad

Business Development Manager || CySecure Pte Ltd

Formally trained as an ICT Systems Analyst, Azam was educated in Singapore and later graduated from Staffordshire University in the UK (1998).  


His extensive working experience includes IAS (IBM), NCS (SingTel), Singapore Police Force (Projects Officer) and SCORE (a statutory organisation within the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore). 


He is currently a Business Development Manager at CySecure Pte Ltd; a company performing cyber security auditing and the research and development of security products. CySecure Institute specialises in training blue team and read team operators  


Other mentions: 

• Consultant in a Singapore government-funded organization under the purview of Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore).  

• Director of Finance in Asia Petroleum Pte Ltd (oil trading company in Singapore) and Managing Director of PT Tanadoang Sejahtera (fishery company in Indonesia).  

• Representative to several Chinese State-Owned Enterprises, amongst others, CEEC, CSEEC and HEPDI. 

• Consultant with PT Indo Prathama Panegy (a power generation consulting firm in Indonesia).

Edmund Liu

Chief Operating Officer || Terra Systems

Edmund Liu joined Terra in 2020 to manage Terra’s contact centre business. He is currently managing a team of more than 150 staff, across various projects for the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Health Promotion Board (HPB), Ministry of Culture Community & Youth (MCCY), and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). As COO, Edmund helps to steer the drive towards operational efficiency, through the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Knowledge Management (KM), and Quality Assurance (QA) initiatives.

Mike Kumar

Director & Co-Founder || Canberry

Alice Wolff

Cyber Security Professional, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur || Former CISO

Gabriel Sze

Chief Technology Officer || Terra Systems